Friday, March 20, 2009

Three Ls Of Real Estate

Hello Everyone,

Have a look at these which really prove to be the cornerstones of the real estate business.


You can have a doctorate in real estate, appraise property better then anyone in the market, outsmart a legal real estate advisor as far as the knowledge is concerned, you have knowledge of financial products better than a mortgage guru, You cannot taste success until and unless you have clients.So everyone has two jobs there chosen profession and lead generation. 


These are high leverage maximum earning opportunity in our industry, Conventionally your listing sales are no different from closing something with a buyer.The main difference is that according to me a good agent can get 15 to 25 good listings and on the other side he would be hard pressed to get 7-8 
buyers in a month.So listings provide you an opportunity to multiply your income.


We have heard a lot that time is money.Well that simply isn't true. In fact it is 
the worst knowledge map which we have.The thing is that the time does not always translates into money.So its basically the time/money ratio which matters at the end of day.
Leverage includes three things People,systems and tools as these answer the 
questions such as
Who is going do it ?
How will they do it ?
What will they do it with ?

People are by far the most important of the 3.

I believe these are the 3 Pillars of the Real Estate Business and these can drive us to massive sales volumes.
This would surely help everyone linked to this trade to get some good numbers!!!

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