Monday, April 13, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Take a look.

According to me this is one of the most fabulous developments in India as it comes with everything which you would need in an integrated township.
As it includes hospitals, International Schools and loads of other facilities.

It is located in Panwel near the proposed international airport, its also near the Kazakh Railway Station which is the biggest in Maharashtra with 36 platforms and has got a bird scantuary in the back as well.

Pricing -
2 BHK apartments start with 110000 USD, 5500000 INR
You just have to put down 20 % within first 30 days then there is no payment till the next 12-18 months.
There is no lockin period as well, thats means you can sell it off to anyone after 1 month of your investment.

As it is scheduled to be completed in 2012 many other things are also going to be completed in the same time.
According to me this is a very good investment offering good ROIs.

Please let me know if anyone is looking to invest in the same.

visit HIRCO' s website at

Friday, April 10, 2009

Importance Of Networking And Negotiation In Real Estate

See.. whenever we talk about any business not only real estate if you know how to network with more and more people of your trade and when you finally get them you get to have the power of negotiation and you can close a deal for sure......
According at this point of time as Real estate is going global day by day, you have to network with more and more people throughout the world as I mentioned in the last post you have got a hell lot of social media sites to focus upon.
Then when you start getting the right kind of people you got to follow the next step that's negotiation.The word itself tells its effect so there are several concepts for negotiation as well.
Like yes or yes, always give two deals to anyone and he/she would definitely go ahead with one of them.
Many other concepts are also there......
So do not forget the Two Ns of real estate and give your best...